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LUNARIA DREAMS satin oversized scrunchies

I used to have A TON of those elastic hair ties that come in a pack of 60 from Walmart, and yet somehow I would still end up misplacing them all the time. Sometime in 2020, I came to realize how much scrunchies have made a huge comeback in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and patterns and were more popular than ever. 

I didn't gain a true appreciation for them until summer came around. While I love my long hair, my hair was overgrown from not being able to go to a hair salon. I got a handful of various scrunchies, but I never considered the material or the "fluffiness" of them. I thought, as long as it gets the hair up and away from my face, that's a win for me.

That's when I looked into and discovered the benefits of satin scrunchies. When I say they have changed my life, they have changed my life. Satin scrunchies have been my saving grace for keeping my hair long and healthy (and not giving into the invasive late night thoughts of wanting to just shave it all off). They were also my first product line and have essentially started LUNARIA DREAMS because I wanted to share these with you as I have a strong feeling that they will change your life too!

Image: LUNARIA DREAMS satin charmeuse scrunchies
Image: LUNARIA DREAMS satin charmeuse scrunchies

Since using them religiously for over a year now, I thought of 5 benefits to satin scrunchies and why you need to switch to them (if you haven't already):

1. They promote healthy hair.

Satin is a very soft material that has a silky feel to it. This makes the fabric more slippery, which reduces friction or tension in your hair - especially if you tie your hair tight. Wearing scrunchies, satin or not, are still miles better than wearing elastic hair ties (or worse, rubber elastic bands), but some fabrics have more grip to them and are not as gentle for your hair. If you tie your hair up often or want to grow long & healthy hair, you want to minimize breakage or damage as much as possible, making satin scrunchies a wonderful alternative to your traditional hair tie.

2. They minimize tangles and frizz.

I used to just let my hair roam free at night because I was always told it was bad to sleep with your hair tied up. I suddenly started putting my hair up in a bun before I went to sleep which would a) stop my hair from becoming a tangled mess and b) help preserve my curls (the heatless ones!) from tossing and turning at night. Again, because of the satin material, it is hydrating for your hair and minimizes the friction you would get from regular hair ties or certain fabrics.

3. They look beautiful and luxurious without breaking the bank.

Silk is an expensive material because it is a labour intensive process that requires significant and costly resources. Silk production also requires farming and harvesting from silk worms, making them not vegan.

That's where satin comes in, which is a vegan and cost effective alternative to silk. There are numerous types of satin such as satin charmeuse, bridal satin, stretch satin, etc. Another reason I never felt the need to try out silk is because of the limited colour selection and gaudy patterns, at least from what I've seen in stores. The colour selection of satins allows me to have the variety of colour offerings that you see in the catalogue today. 

My personal favourite is the satin charmeuse (which if you look in the details/description of each scrunchie, you'll see the type of satin used) because of how extra luxe it feels. It is the most rich and durable fabric out of the other satins, which allows it to retain a lot of its shape and volume even after tying your hair, time and time again.

Image: Oversized satin charmeuse scrunchie in the colour "Chantilly"
Image: Oversized satin charmeuse scrunchie in the colour "Chantilly"

4. They make great accessories to your outfit.

I may sound biased, but I never leave the house now without having a hair tie either in my hair, on my wrist, or sometimes, both. I love matching my mask & scrunchie with my outfit; I mostly can't be bothered to put on makeup, but there is something about matching my mask and scrunchie with my whole outfit that makes me feel put together, even if I certainly don't feel like it. 

Another reason why I love picking satin fabrics is because mostly all of them, excluding any seasonal exclusives, are solid colours which make them easy to match with your outfit. This is why I set the bundle of three scrunchies promotion because how does one simply choose just one colour?

LUNARIA DREAMS satin scrunchie worn with Rosana top in Chantilly

Image: LUNARIA DREAMS satin scrunchie worn with Rosana top in Chantilly

5. They are gorgeous to display. 

Satin scrunchies are the perfect addition to your collection, whether you are considering purchasing your first one or if you have a drawer full of them. They look stunning on their own as little decor pieces because of how lustrous and glimmery they are. Just how they can be matched to your outfit, they can match your aesthetic, whatever it may be. I recently purchased these scrunchie holders from Amazon which stack all of your scrunchies together beautifully and make up a stunning display of your collection.

LUNARIA DREAMS scrunchies displayed on acrylic scrunchie holder
Image: LUNARIA DREAMS scrunchies displayed on acrylic scrunchie holder

What are your thoughts on satin scrunchies? Let me know below! 


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