2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Her | LUNARIA DREAMS

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Her | LUNARIA DREAMS
Holiday gift guide for her including satin scrunchies, satin face masks, satin curlers, satin sleep mask
Having trouble figuring out what to get as a gift? We got your back.
We have put together a list of 8 items in our holiday gift guide this year that will help you show a special loved one in your life, whether it's your mom, sister, or best friend, a thoughtful and functional gift. 

1. Satin Scrunchie

Our previous blog post Benefits of Satin Scrunchies and Why You Need Them sums up why scrunchies, particularly satin ones, are beneficial and absolutely needed in any scrunchie lover's collection. We offer a variety of sizes and colours that can fit their personality. We can assure that the quality and luxurious feel to these scrunchies will certainly make them happily tie up their hair or wear on their wrist as an accessory. Plus they are all handmade with love, so they know a lot of time and care was put into it to make them feel extra special!

To see our full collection of our satin scrunchies: https://lunariadreams.com/collections/satins

2. Satin Face Mask Bundle

One of our bestselling items, the Satin Face Mask Bundle, includes 3 satin masks of your choosing. With so many colours to choose from, they can match their mask to different outfits or to alternate them between washes. They have been well loved by our community because of our hand selected, luxurious fabrics which feel nice and are gentle to the skin (particularly helpful for those who suffer from maskne) while still being very breathable. Our favourite feature about these masks are the adjustable ear loops which are perfect for those who get headaches from tight loops or have floppy ears that can't hold up those pulling ear loops. 

Shop our mask bundle: https://lunariadreams.com/products/satin-mask-bundle

3. Matching Satin Face Mask and Scrunchie Set

Another one of our bestsellers, the Matching Satin Face Mask and Scrunchie Sets, are perfect for the fashion accessory lover who wants to instantly look more put together by matching their face mask with their scrunchie. The possibilities are endless!

4. Mystery Scrunchie Bundle

If you are overwhelmed by the number of colours or you want us to decide for you 3 mystery scrunchies, we are more than happy to help. This is perfect for if you think your loved one has no preference, or you can even buy a bundle to treat yourself and share the others with your loved ones. You can also pick which size that suits their personality best: Petite, Regular, and Oversized.

Shop our mystery bundle: https://lunariadreams.com/collections/mystery

5. Satin Heatless Hair Curler

If they are lazy but want to wake up to natural looking, curled hair, this is 100% made for them (I'm guilty of this!)

If they just cannot be bothered with heating up the curling iron and spending the next hour fumbling around and wasting precious time out of their day to curl their hair, this is also made for them. 

If they are suffering from damaged hair as a result of constantly using hot tools in order to achieve curls, you need to get them in on this.
There are a number of benefits that we could go on and on for why this has been well loved by the hair community, seeking ways to curl their hair while minimizing damage. 

Our satin heatless hair curlers are designed for them to curl their hair without using ANY heat and to curl your hair OVERNIGHT. It may take some getting used to using it; I'll admit, it is a bit of a learning curve at first, but once they master it, they won't ever need to touch a hot tool again to curl their hair because they can achieve some really beautiful, natural looking curls with very minimal effort. 

Shop our curler sets: https://lunariadreams.com/collections/satin-heatless-hair-curlers

6. Pleated Matching Satin Face Mask and Scrunchie Set
This new set is for a number of people:

  • If they have glasses or struggle to find a mask that stays over their nose, this mask has a built-in nose wire to help
  • If they want to add in an additional layer for extra protection, there is a pocket for them to add a filter 
  • If you are unsure of which size of the original mask will fit them, this mask is perfect for fitting a wide variety of faces. I made this style of mask for my partner. He has a larger face and nose bridge than mine, and because of the adjustable pleats, it fits him perfectly (and looks awesome on him too!) 

This set includes a mask with all of these additional features without compromising what made our Satin Face Mask our bestseller: our adjustable ear loops and luxurious satin fabric for a comfortable fit. And of course, the matching scrunchie to accessorize!

Shop all of our sets (just select the pleated option): https://lunariadreams.com/collections/matching-sets

7. Snuggle Collection Scrunchie
These scrunchies are unlike any other - they are the snuggliest and coziest out of our collection. Although satin scrunchies are our main line and focus, we are always looking for new fabrics that are gentle for the hair. Our snuggle collection is a dream come true by being super soft, unique and special - especially since they are limited in stock. We know that this will be loved by any seasoned scrunchie lover so get it for them while you can!

Shop our snuggle collection: https://lunariadreams.com/collections/snuggle-collection

8. Satin Sleep Mask
Last but not least, our satin sleep mask is perfect for the sleeping beauty. We have two options: Regular and Blackout.

We especially recommend the Blackout for the one who has trouble sleeping with any speck of light in a dark room. If your partner is like this, you can feel much better about your late night browsing on your phone and they can get the rest that they deserve! 

Again, we primarily focus on satin accessories because satin feels so soft and luxurious, making it perfectly delicate for your eyes and skin around your face. So if they care a lot about skin care, they are going to love this addition to their night routine.

Shop sleep masks: https://lunariadreams.com/products/satin-sleep-mask


We wish you the best of luck with all of your holiday shopping! Remember that at the end of the day, your loved ones are your loved ones for a reason - you don't need to stress or panic so much about getting the perfect gift. It really is the thought that counts; finding something, whether it is a gift or an experience, to connect with them is going to make them feel special and loved. 


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