Product Care

  • Handwash ONLY for best results
  • Fill sink or container with cold water, enough to soak the garment completely
  • Mix a bit of mild dish soap or liquid detergent with the water, until suds appear
  • Submerge the garment for at least five minutes. Rub the affected area, if any, to assist the removal of stains
  • Rinse well and squeeze excess water until it runs clear of any soap or dirt, ensuring not to twist the garment to affect the shape or integrity of the fabric
  • Optional: soak the garment again in cold water with fabric softener to condition the fabric with softness and reduce static. Rinse well.
  • Using a clean towel, lightly press or roll the garment in the towel to squeeze out excess water
  • Lay on the towel to air dry
  • If necessary, to reshape after drying, iron on low or the "silk" level