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Hi, Lynn here! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to see my brand, my business, and my dream.

From creating and designing the product, selecting fabrics, and packing your order, you are at the forefront of the business. That's why you'll feel tremendous amount of love in the final product because we do just that - put in lots of love at every step in our business for you.

My dream is to continue to create more accessories and clothing that you'll love and wear while you dare to take on your own dreams.



I purchased my very first sewing machine in March 2020, which was right when the pandemic hit and changed our lives. I made this purchase because I felt so inspired by watching people (such as bestdressed) on YouTube thrift clothing and then alter them to transform the garment for a new look. I even saw her make a dress from scratch with a pattern and thought: I would LOVE to make my own clothing some day. I knew it would be so rewarding to get to look at something and say, "I MADE that" because I have always had a desire to create, using my hands.

But of course, here was the kicker: I had ZERO knowledge on how to use and operate a sewing machine. I thought: what was I even thinking getting this?

My mom is a seamstress and I remember watching her and my dad sew hours on end to make a living (thanks mom and dad!) for me and my brother, but I never saw these sewing machines as anything other than "big scary machines that make loud noises".

So it took my mom by surprise when I learned how to sew all by myself - watching tutorials on YouTube on how to thread my machine (which by the way, I remember it took me 30 minutes to figure out which I can now do with my eyes closed) and understanding some sewing techniques.

It wasn't until the most stressful week of my life when I was waiting for my CFE results (which would be my final exam in my accounting career), I began sewing scrunchies to help alleviate my anxiety and put that energy of stress into doing what my soul innately wanted to do: create.

After stepping in a fabric store for the first time with my mom, I was so overwhelmed with joy, seeing the array of colours, fabrics and everything I could ever want to motivate me to actually start sewing. I began showing my scrunchies on Instagram, piling on more and more colours each day. The more I showed them, the more I would get positive responses from people who share the love for scrunchies and also getting asked, "how do I purchase?" or "where is your website?" - when I really had just started and had no intention to start the business that LUNARIA has grown into today.

I am so grateful for this unexpected turn of events. The overwhelming amount of support that I have received has pushed me to create this platform where I can more easily share some of my dreams with you.

Fast forward to today, I am making not only scrunchies but also our bestselling satin face masks, heatless hair curlers, clothing, and more.

You would be surprised by the amount of products that I have tried or fabrics that I've gotten that just did not make it to my shop. If I don't like the product, I will either keep making tweaks until I do or don't sell it all together. It is important to me to make sure that I am in love with the products to truly and honestly stand by it and confidently say you will love it too.