Our Story

LUNARIA DREAMS is a handmade clothing and accessories brand uses nothing but the softest and dreamiest materials to create products that care for your hair and skin. We provide a variety of specialty items such as satin scrunchies, face masks, hair curlers, and sleep masks.

How it all began

I’ve always had the desire to create things with my own hands but never took the time to start, or I would pick up on a hobby but never got really invested in it.

I purchased my very first sewing machine in March 2020, which was right when the pandemic hit and changed our lives. I made this purchase because I felt so inspired by watching people (such as bestdressed) on YouTube thrift clothing and then alter them to transform the garment for a new look. 

It wasn't until a very stressful week where I was awaiting for the CFE results (my final exam in my accounting career), I began sewing scrunchies to help alleviate my anxiety and put that energy into something beautiful. I began showing these creations on Instagram and the more I showed, the more I would get asked, "where is your website?" or "how do I purchase?" - when I really had just started this hobby and had no intention to start a small business! 

I am so grateful for this unexpected turn of events. The overwhelming amount of support that I have received has pushed me to create this platform where I can more easily share some of my dreams with you.

Today, I am continuing to not only make scrunchies but creating other products that I absolutely love myself or suggested by you. You would be surprised by the amount of products that I have tried or fabrics that I've gotten that just did not make it to my shop. If I don't like the product, I will either keep making tweaks until I do or don't sell it all together since it is important to me to make sure that I am in love with the products to truly and honestly stand by it and confidently say you will love it too.

All items are handmade and packed with love, which includes quality selected fabrics, attention to detail, and personalized packaging. 

You are all amazing. Your support means the world to me and motivates me to continue improving my craft and designing new products for you to love.


LUNARIA is a species of flower that also commonly goes by a few other names, including "honesty" and "satin flower".

This flower and its various names perfectly encapsulates the characteristics of my creations.

I'll be honest - there are many drafts, prototypes, or design features that make me unable to truly say, with confidence, that I love the product so much to release it in my shop for you. Every release, collection, and item that I create, I have to be honest with myself and think, "Do I love this? And will you love this too?". The product you see up there? I tried it myself, I absolutely love it, and I believe you will too. 

I focus on providing quality, hand-selected materials that are soft on your skin and good for your hair, particularly focusing on satin. These soft materials, and my desire to create and continue to grow, inspired the DREAMS part of the name.

And yes, I totally found out about lunaria by Googling my dog's name (Luna). She's just so cute, I had to find a way to include her in this!