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If you're looking for the silkiest scrunchie we have to offer to promote healthy hair growth & minimize breakage, you're looking at our satin charmeuse. It is our bestselling and signature fabric for many reasons: it feels and looks so luxurious, it is our most durable satin fabric, and it comes in so many colours! Most of our products use this fabric because we want you to feel the difference from any other fabric there is in the market for scrunchies, clothing, and everything in between. You'll want everything in your life to be this luxurious!


Did you know that our first scrunchie ever made was with bridal satin? In our first trip to the fabric store, we were introduced to so many beautiful satin fabrics in a variety of colours - all of which were bridal satin. We immediately fell in love with the soft sheen to the fabric, making them absolutely perfect for a scrunchie! To this day, this fabric remains one of our favourites because they retain a beautiful shape due to having slightly more structure than our satin charmeuse, yet still so soft and luxurious.


Everything we love about satin, but make it stretch. With less structure, this fabric offers a superior drape which means that it flows and feels extra soft, making it exceptional for tying up your locks. They also often come in beautiful patterns as well to spice up your hair game!


These sheer scrunchies look like little clouds in your hair for a romantic or cottage core vibe. Since they are mega sized, you will surely turn heads with this lightweight and unique take on a scrunchie, while still being soft!


The classic, 100% cotton. Cottons often come in stunning floral patterns that are to die for. We primarily use cotton for certain styles of our clothing rather than for scrunchies or face masks, as they are not as soft as our signature satins. These beautiful cottons are used to construct the outside of the garment, but our signature satin will always be used as lining to feel luxurious against your skin.


Our limited edition floral scrunchies (Dolce, Sarah, Adrienne, and Rebecca) are made out of a blend of viscose, cotton, and linen. This mix does not contain our usual silky soft satin, however it is especially great for those who need a bit more grip to hold their hair, yet still being soft and gentle for the hair. Plus these patterns are truly unique and one-of-a-kind, so get them before they're sold out!


French for "skin of silk" , which perfectly describes this stunning bridal fabric often used for wedding dresses and bridal gowns. Peau de soie is a medium-heavy fabric, which gives the fabric more structure compared to our signature satin charmeuse. This fabric has a subtle soft sheen for a matte-satin look that feels like butter to the touch.