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Satin Heatless Hair Curler - Rosalia



Similar to the robe hair curling trend, our satin heatless hair curler is designed to curl your without using any heat. Your hair will grow to be healthier by minimizing the amount of heat caused by damaging hair tools such as curling irons or wands. In addition, satin is a very soft and hydrating material, which makes it extra amazing for your hair!

The best part: you can catch some extra sleep by sleeping overnight with the curler and wake up to soft, natural, and effortless curls.


1) Start with damp hair or slightly dampen hair with a water spray bottle.

DON'T start with your hair wet. Your hair will not dry overnight when wrapped around the curler. Any moisture remaining after you take out the curls will loosen and cause your curls to fall out quickly. 

DON'T start with your hair dry. Your hair will not form the curl pattern if your hair has already dried and your hair may also be much more difficult to wrap around the curler.

DO start with your hair about 80-90% dry. Your hair should have some dampness to it to make it easy for your to pick up sections of hair and wrap it around the curler without it sliding.

2) Brush out your hair. Ensure that there are no knots to make it easy for you to section off your hair and pick up small sections of your hair to wrap around the curler. 

3) Place the middle of the curler on the top of your head so that there are two sides of the curler on both sides of your head. Secure one side with a scrunchie to work on the other side of your head.

4) Start by taking a small section of hair and wrapping it away from your face and around the curler. Once you wrapped one section of hair around the curler, add another section to the curler to wrap around again. This should be similar to if you were twisting two sections of hair, except with a curler.

5) Once you get to around half of your head (ear level), take a new section from the back of your head and curl it towards your face. Without adding any new hair pieces to the hair chunk from Step 4, continue wrapping it around the curler away from your face. Continue to add pieces of hair to the back section as you are twisting it in the curler. This should be similar to if you are now braiding, except with a curler.

This step is to keep the curler in place and minimize the curler from shifting or moving around at night. This is completely optional to give a more natural curl pattern, however you may choose to just curl away from your face from Step 4 without adding the back pieces of make the "braid"

6) Once you finish twisting your hair, secure at the bottom with a scrunchie.

7) Repeat on the other side. 

8) Sleep (or wait until the hair is fully dry) and reveal your beautiful curls!

Please see the following video tutorial: 


  • Thickness of curling ribbon is approx. 4 inches. Suitable for creating a curlier style (requires to wrap hair tighter around the curler) or a wavier style (requires to wrap hair looser around the curler)
  • Available in two sizes: Short and Long
  • Available in two styles: Curler Only and Curler + 2 Petite Scrunchies (matching set)



Length of curling ribbon is approx. 35 inches. Suitable for short medium to medium length hair.


Length of curling ribbon is approx. 45 inches. Suitable for medium long to long length hair. 

    Please note:

    The curler is not filled up 100% as it is designed to lay flat on the top of your head and the beads placed on the two sides of your head for your hair to wrap around. This is to minimize the curler from moving from being placed on top of your head if it were fully filled with the beads.

    Using the curler for the first time may be a bit challenging and you may not like the results at first. There is a certainly a learning curve, however over time you will get better with using the hair curler and it may even fully replace your regular curling iron (like it did for me!). Please reach out or contact us if you need help with using the curler.