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Matching Satin Face Mask & Scrunchie Set - Rosie

$25.99 $31.98

A fully satin face mask and scrunchie cut from the same cloth, Rosie, which is a beautiful mauve dusty pink with purple undertones. This colour is similar to Blush Rose but with a more shiny and silky satin textile.


This non-medical satin face mask and scrunchie set is made from a beautiful dusty rose satin fabric which is great for any occasion, but perfect for bridal showers!

We stand strongly behind our satin face masks because they are breathable and functional, all while being elegant and stylish. We designed this to help those who suffer from maskne or breakouts caused by rough and abrasive fabrics for the skin. Satin is a gentle alternative that feels cooling and glides effortlessly over your skin while talking or on the go.

We also designed for the masks to have adjustable ear loops because the founder herself suffered from tender and floppy ears. Wearing other masks with tight ear loops any longer than 10 minutes would cause awful headaches and masks would hardly even stay on because the ear loops pulled back her ears too much!

These masks were designed with love to address those concerns and create the ultimate face mask for your skin to love, just as much as your hair will love our gentle satin scrunchies.


Regular, fits most for a contoured and sculpted face mask

Height - from above the nose to below the chin: 5"
Length - from ear to ear: 8.5"

Large, for more coverage or larger fit for a contoured and sculpted face mask

Height - from above the nose to below the chin: 5.5"
Length - from ear to ear: 9"

Pleated, for an adjustable and expandable fit to a variety of faces 

Height - from above the nose to below the chin: 3"-3.5" non-expanded, 6"-6.5" fully expanded
Length - from ear to ear: 7"


  • Two satin layers of satin charmeuse. Feels luxurious and cooling on the skin and reduces skin irritation caused by other fabrics
  • Interfacing to add some structure to the satin and to provide an additional layer to the mask for greater protection
  • White adjustable and comfortable ear loops to minimize tenderness and ear discomfort
  • Matching scrunchie size is Regular (approx. diameter 4", height 2", elastic 7")
  • Washable and reusable; please see Product Care
  • Material composition: 100% polyester
  • Made in Ottawa, Canada