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A stunning scrunchie blend of Latte x Macchiato x Raven


We mixed three colours we thought were a match made in heaven - and they definitely are! The very first scrunchie blend came to life with this trio after doing a custom order that left us with several fabric remnants. We always strive to reduce overconsumption by creating quality products that last, and our satin charmeuse fabric is surely too good to waste! This scrunchie blend features neutral and classic colours to make it so versatile for any outfit - but with a twist: it's the most unique scrunchie in your collection! DISCLAIMER: Wearing a unique scrunchie like this will definitely turn heads and compel your friends to steal this from you. You may want to come prepared and buy a backup. Don't say we didn't warn you!

These satin scrunchies are made out of a charmeuse satin, which has a luxurious and silky feel to be the perfect, delicate accessory for tying up your hair. Or wear it on your wrist as a cute accessory to never part your house without a hair tie again. 


Luxe (approx. diameter 5", height 2", elastic 7"): 1.5x bigger than your average sized scrunchie. Extra voluminous & fluffy, without being too large or too small, making it perfect for everyday and for any scrunchie lover.

Wraps around hair 2-3x


Material composition: 100% polyester

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Please see Product Care

Made in Ottawa, Canada