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Satin Pillowcase - Chantilly


Satin Pillowcase - Chantilly

A warm ivory white satin pillowcase.


Our long awaited satin pillowcases are finally here - in one of our bestselling scrunchie colours Chantilly! This colour is one of our favourites because of how versatile and elegant it is to make a small, yet impactful makeover to your bedroom. This pillowcase will add luxury to all-white bedsheets to make it not only look like you're sleeping on clouds, but also feel like a dream (might we remind you of our brand name?). Or use our pillowcase as an accent colour to your bedsheets - with a neutral and gorgeous colour as this, you'll be impressed with a stunning boudoir either way. Plus with so many benefits that comes with satin pillowcases, this is a small luxury you need to truly treat yourself.


  • Made of our signature fabric, satin charmeuse, which is our softest, most luxurious, and durable satin, so you can wash it again & again (just check out our product care linked below for best practices). 
  • Silky soft texture to provide dual hair & skin benefits: protect and hydrate hair and minimize and prevent wrinkles and fine lines caused by the friction of other fabrics such as cotton.
  • Who doesn't love the "cold side" of the pillow? Our satin is cooling to lay your beautiful head to rest comfortably, while also reaping all the benefits of quality satin for your hair & skin!


Fits a Queen size pillow case (20" x 30")


Classic: Opening on the side, like your usual pillowcase. Perfect for those who prefer the traditional pillowcase style and still want to reap the hair and skin benefits of our satin. Or of course, if you can't resist the stunning little bedroom makeover with our luxurious satin to display! 

Envelope: Opening in the back, leaving a more polished and luxurious look in the front. No "pillow" is visible, just our pillowcase! No need to adjust your pillow since it will always stay put (until you remove it) with the envelope enclosure, which means the pillowcase won't slide off if you're tossing and turning. Perfect for those who aesthetically love a cleaner, full coverage look or those who functionally want a pillowcase that won't budge. Also perfect for those who like and have a fluffier pillow, since you can stuff it without the pillow underneath making an appearance!

Check out our video demonstrating the difference:


Material composition: 100% polyester

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Please see Product Care. *Laundry bag recommended. Avoid excessive heat. 

Made in Ottawa, Canada