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AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 18)

A stunning royal blue scrunchie.


Just like the sky and the sea, this colour was inspired by our Aquarius babes that remind us to feel calm and let things flow. Remember to stay connected to your true self and protect your energy, especially through life.

These scrunchies are made out of a satin charmeuse, which is perfect for tying up your hair to cause less damage and breakage due to the soft, shiny, and gentle material. Or wear it on your wrist as a cute accessory to never part your house without a hair tie again.


Regular (approx. diameter 4", height 2", elastic 7"): Your average sized scrunchie. For everyday and for any scrunchie lover.

Oversized (approx. diameter 7", height 2.5", elastic 7"): An XL, extra luxe scrunchie. For making a statement and for the extra bold & unique scrunchie lover. 

Wraps around hair 2-3x


Material composition: 100% polyester

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Please see Product Care

Made in Ottawa, Canada